9 February 2013

Fifty Five

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What a hectic day girlies. Not what I expected at all for my Saturday, but i've had a good day none the less. It involved lots of shoe buying, well buying in general. I will show you what I bought later on. Hope you're enjoying your Saturday girlies.

 photo 9c9f12e0-16d7-48db-950b-ecae113a888b_zps975ac907.jpg

 photo b02dd363-0d2d-4f6b-b85f-6f0ec8a73a79_zps72ca9f7e.jpg

 photo 95968eae-d624-4e2a-b366-11245c5f357e_zps975bcf34.jpg

 photo 659c7d37-cf46-42b9-8fcf-06a09c90f9f5_zps64ba7c48.jpg

  photo 29949ee5-f938-4013-87ad-d92abb9faded_zps970083c2.jpg
T-shirt & Blazer New Look, Jeans ASOS, Necklace Topshop, Boots Ash.

Hugs & Kisses


Carly said...

I really like your necklace :) xxx

Anthea said...

Love the necklace and watch!