23 February 2013

Organisationally Challenged

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My organisational skills are nil, they always have been and I do attempt to be organised. I own a diary and I have a million notebooks with to do lists. The problem is - I always always forget to bring said notebooks and diaries (I have 3) with me. Which leaves me forgetting what needs to be done, double booking myself and being a general mess. So luckily for me I have ann iPhone, so it's kinda like an iPhone rescue, with already there facilities such as a notebook (I used this at a Diana Vickers interview) and a calendar which is tied in with an alarm (to tell me I'm already late I'm sure.) You can imagine how excited I was when I discovered the app Wunderlist - which is a super to do list management app, with reminders, sub-tasks and notifications - exactly what I need. I also use Astrid - it's actually a personal assistant - I call her A- this little wonder helps with work, family and personal life. Next up I'v got awesome note, which is the only one that I have paid for - £2.49, but it is well worth it - think colour coding, tick lists - heaven. There is a free option of the app, but I can't speak for it as i've never used it. Lastyly I bring to you Evernote - this I have to say keeps me productive, even when I am on the go, the search capabilities and organisational capabilities are the best and more importantly it syncs everything on the go! Brilliant. I popped into the Carphone Warehouse with a phone related question (I won't tell you what as you will laugh), and the sales assistant informed me of the above apps! Lifesaver - thank you. You can find more apps here.

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shelovestorant said...

The funny thing is I download all these list apps but I never use them. And after I get prompted a couple of times to update them I just end up deleting it :-(