12 February 2013

Skinny Day Jeans

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I have a love/hate relationship with my jeans. I love them when they fit and I hate them when they don't I think it's the same for every girl right? Do you remember that Sex and the City episode when Miranda has an ingenious idea to try on her not just skinny day jeans, but they fit me before I got pregnant jeans - well that's me - not that I had a baby mind. I am doing the skinny jean dance right now - in the sun.

We all have a pair of skinny day jeans - the ones we never throw away, in the hope that we will fit into them again - one day! Well that one day has happened to me - i'm unsure how - but I will be taking full advantage of this as i'm sure as soon as I have a sip of Coca Cola they will no longer fit. Do you girls have a pair of jeans, you just can't bear to part with?

On another jean related note - what are your fave shapes right now? I really do love the boyfriend jeans look at the minute, but sometimes I just think - 'What was I thinking, I really can't pull them off.' It would be nice to be able to throw on a pair of Converse with them and go for the laid back, off duty model look, but i'm no model and i'm ridiculously short! I would look ridiculous. I'm also thinking about giving the flared look another go. I've seen some lovely styles around and it's the perfect causal day time look - casual yet chic.
I will however always be a skinny jean girl at heart, they are just so versatile - dressed up or dressed down. I couldn't live without them. I hate mornings and i'm always in such a rush to get out the door on time (Im sure giving myself 10 minutes in the morning is stupid, but yet I do it everyday), that the really are the simplest item to throw on a tee and a blazer - then job done. Oh and heel - don't forget the heels! 

Hugs & Kisses


Valérie said...

I love your look! The pants suit you really well :D

Great post!


The Buttonboxx said...

I have the same prob with jeans! I have a fear of even trying them on because it'll make me sad if they don't fit.

Outfit looks great, congrats on the skinnys today, I'm sure you'll b looking fab all day in them


Be Nice* said...

You look so nice with this pants!!! :)

Carly said...

You look lovely - I really like the top you have paired your jeans with too! xxx

Maddie.Elizabeth said...

Love this casual look, suits you perfectly xx

HeartsAndCrosses said...

I love your style, your jeans are so gorgeous

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Jenny said...

thanks the same to you! nice blog