27 February 2013

The Middle

 photo ec7e6572-0f7f-456d-8115-edf2b74e65ab_zpsc5ff3002.jpg

Hi Girlies. This is my look for today - this week i'm trying to stay away from jeans as they are far to easy to reach for each morning. 100% in a style rut. I've done a bit of sneaky shopping on Missguided - where I need to shop more often btw. I've even planned my week outfits in advance, so that I stick to it. Anooyingly i've had a cold/flu for the last week and a bit so I haven't really been out of the house, but i'm back in the big wide world today! I'm off to go and annoy people by sniffing and coughing constantly, but not before I tip a whole bottle over Coke Zero all over my bag! Hmph! Have a great day.

 photo 26eb88f7-9aae-46fd-a405-7ddad8956e7c_zps60d8751e.jpg

 photo ee445238-8c95-4513-a691-92a338bdfc90_zps2f17cc29.jpg
Dress here, Coat here, Shoes ASOS (Old).

Hugs & Kisses


Oliva Ins said...

Cool look:)
Do you want to follow each other ?:)
Let me know:)

Rachel. said...

cute look, i have a similar dress which i am loving right now! xo

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Love the coat and the dress, you look gorgeous

A little bit Unique


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little t said...

The ASOS shoes are nice!

Lipsy said...

You look pretty in this dress. I like the scarf idea and the shoes look perfect.