27 March 2013


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My attempts to accessorise have always been foiled by my absolute laziness. I always like to set myself some little goals throughout a week - they don't have to be big - they could be something as simple as drinking water all day instead of coke. However this week they are to wear at least one piece of jewellery a day, whether it be a ring or wearing earrings something has to be added. This has led to me to realise that I needed to buy some new bits as mine are all very simple and I wanted some statement pieces. I found John Green jewellery on my discount code search, which led to spend far too much money! Boooooo! The items that ended up in my naughty basket were this ring, this cute bracelet and these amazing star earrings. Now I'm off to hunt for some butterfly earrings. Have a fabulous day.

Hugs & Kisses

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Anonymous said...

Imıni goals are always the winning ones...
Have a great day.
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