5 March 2013

Colour me Neon

 photo 22ada271-fdaa-4642-871b-e72fd9051f23_zpsac3ae50d.jpg

I have become quite the neon fan, from afar (seen here and here), i've never worn anything myself. I think it can either look completely garish or mouth waveringly spot on. So today I have decided to take the plunge in the form of this yellow/green sweater. You need sunglasses on just to look at it. This might sound stupid, but i'm trying to make small changes to my life, small things at first as a life unchanged is a life that stays the same. So Neon is the first step to a new me, actually it was the second step, the first step was that I bought a bottle of water instead of a coke this morning! Go Me!

 photo 499c9f68-aaa1-486f-a32f-8daa0435961f_zps7ad3e3b3.jpg

 photo 23a83060-a25c-4ee6-9cd6-129552cba143_zpsfaf22e1c.jpg

 photo f7923f64-585b-42d5-8c2a-d319fafe8f8d_zps6513702b.jpg
Jumper here, Jeans River Island and Shoes Zara.

Hugs & Kisses


Valérie said...

I really like the neon on you :) super pretty!

Great post!


Sophie Taylor said...

Oh shiny colour, looks lovely on you.

Maggie Adofo said...

I love how you have styled this! :)

Maggie A
Love Scrapbook

Brooklyn Grace said...

love neon your heels are so cool

GeorginaGoodman said...

great jumper

Check out my giveaway :D

AlittlebitUnique said...

Love the jumper and shoes, you look gorgeous

A little bit Unique