12 March 2013

Missguided Competition

 photo 16eb581d-e446-4789-8d87-39b43be25357_zps6425e8fa.jpg

It might be snowing outside, but I don't care - it should be Spring by now surely - so i'm wearing the brightest jumper I could possibly find. Collaborating with Missguided today and bring you all a little competition in celebration of their brand new collection. All you gotta do is choose what you would spend £50s on - visit here - then post the items links in the comment section along with your email address. The competition will run for 1 week and then I will pick a winner who will receive a £50 voucher to spend at Missguided. Good Luck - can't wait to see what you choose.

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 photo 90e6e194-f0e7-4d11-9d13-14f340cc0aad_zpsbd439f47.jpg

 photo e6094f6f-1b8d-4b9a-8ca7-4b150778c7f6_zpsed911da1.jpg
Jumper here, Skirt here and Shoes here.

Hugs & Kisses


Tinacious Me said...

Super chic leather skirt! Love the details on it!

GeorginaGoodman said...

Great Competition!!
Lusting After
Kitty Metallic Skater Skirt In Purple
Chloe Oversized Swag Crop Top
Dilara Leather Sleeve Midi Dress In White
aahhh this is like the best prize ever!! Finger crossed

harrietbambridge said...

such a great giveaway, i love missguided!

my email address is xx

Lovely Sara said...

Wow what a wonderful competition! I didn't know this shop and I fell in love so very much with their Kitty skirt. I can barley restrain myself from ordering right now, but I first wanna try my luck to win this beauty.

I love it in every colour, but blue is my favourite. maybe I'll change my mind or I would order two of them in different colours, if I would be the lucky one. I would shine as bright as you with your jumper and smile the whole day. Please, please, please, make this come true.

The link:

My mail: saraisinlovewith(at)

Lots of love, Sara xx

Jesss said...

You look lovely, I love your skirt too!!
I'd choose:
mustbeadreamer [at]

Jesss xo

Keeley Laura said...

What a good competition! I just love Miss guided.

I think I would have to buy this neon jumper,

These Tie dye hot pants

& This statement necklace,
xx :)

Rute Solange Inacio said...

Love it! :) Love the sweater!!

Maggie Adofo said...
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Maggie Adofo said...

I am ALWAYS swooning over things form Misguided.

I would definitely spend my winnings on this outfit.


Maggie A


Maggie A
Love Mavin

Anonymous said...

this is sooooooooo cool <3

I'd choose...

onesie in plum

dip dye jumper in green

nail varnish nude

my email address is xxx

Sophie Lily said...

Wow! Amazing comp! And well timed, I have been pining over the site dreaming of the outfits Id wear for my trip to Australia, but can't afford them.

I love your chose of a bright green jumper which is why this is my first selection!
This neon green dress will look awesome once I get a bit of of a tan! And I really adore skater dresses atm! And wow 14.99! what a bargain!

My next choice would be this.
A tie dye bright pink crop top. Crops are definitely a must for this summer season and I love this shade of pink colour! And again amazing value at 6.99!

The last thing I would buy would be these shorts!
Though I havnt made up my mind if I prefer the darker shade but I saw Missguided post these the other day and I am in love with them! 22.99! So I am pretty much on target!

Thanks for the opportunity!!


Bre zee Beauty said...

love the outfit! greens my favorite color! :)


check out my blog please <3

Study Chinese said...

Wow, lovely colour and your dog looks cute too.

AlittlebitUnique said...

What a great competition and you look gorgeous, I love the jumper! I love missguided :)

A little bit Unique


tamalyn said...

i would buy this dress to go out in and these amazing shoes!!

i have wanted a new outfit for a while now so this would be fab!

samantha.tedesco said...

I'm crazy for this:

Love your look!

Band Of The Out Siders said...

love this in ocean blue colour

Anonymous said...

Krystal Viera

i love everything in the store but i choose:

jazzyphizz said...

I would buy...

Jiienna said...

I love this dress:

Imogen Smith said...

I love your sweater!

Lucy Elizabeth King said...

What a great competition xxx

Lucy @

VickiiLouise said...

Love this competition!

I put together a picture of the items i like and would spend £50 on.


Good luck to who wins! xx

zainab_a said...

great comp.
I would buy :)

Anonymous said...

Love this!
I would buy...

Rebecca Phillips said...

Love this giveaway. I love Missguided.

I think I'd buy this tartan jacket ( and this Aztec dress (

My email is