15 March 2013

Movie Geek

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I'm an absolute movie geek, I even have a card for the cinema that I pay £15 a month, so that I can go as many times as I wish. However I haven't been much lately, my cinema buddies don't have as much free time as they used to and many of my girls have babies, so their evenings aren't free. My sister is my only cinema friend left, and she is an aerobic instructor so her evenings are filled to the brim. This leaves us with Sunday afternoons always, and I make sure to tap her up each week for some cinema/popcorn fun. Having said that on the days I don't get to go -  I watch all the bests. I could quite happily spend a whole day shut in my house, watching movies I have seen a million times over. Case in point - Dantes Peak and Volcano. I don't know what it is about these movies that make me want to see the world nearly end a billion times, but it's the perfect lazy Sunday film marathon for me. What movies are on your replay list?

1. A Series of unfortunate events
2. Tangled
3. Jaws - any of them
4. Dumb & Dumber
5. Tangled
6. Harry Potter - Mainly the first, but any will do
7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
8. Friends With Benefits
9. 21 Jump Street
10. Jingle all the Way

Hugs & Kisses


Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

That is a brilliant list. I used to watch so many movies on the weekends. I think you will enjoy 21 Jump Street. It was surprisingly hilarious.
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AlittlebitUnique said...

You've got good taste in films :) Love friends with benefits and tangled!

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Stephanie said...

I wish we had that one of those movie theater programs in the states. I would be going to the movies everyday.