7 March 2013

Neon Take 2

 photo 064de089-440d-4282-9cba-69967eef9bf2_zps55ec3297.jpg

I have now had a cold for the grand total of 2 1/2 weeks. It's so annoying, just when you think it's gone, it comes back! Not this time! Today is the last day that this stupid cold will annoy me! Tomorrow is the weekend and I will be enjoying it! So that is the reason I have glasses on inside, no point putting on eye make up when as soon as I sneeze my mascara ends up half way down my face! Have a fabulous day Ladies.

 photo 092a0acb-0dbf-4a4b-a554-a6593964e590_zps7f95f136.jpg

 photo 85fd7407-df21-4be5-9c90-eeb12305a417_zpsab3ab807.jpg

 photo d2541a60-93d9-4885-8e9a-27fb74785ac3_zpsa28f0b3b.jpg

 photo 9076419e-c121-4bbb-aca7-1d479100f4dc_zps2a4fd4f6.jpg
Jumper here, Jeans here, Jacket here, Heels here.

Hugs & Kisses


Charlotte Lewis said...

Love this Neon Jumper - you look fab! Don't think I could pull off the colour though!

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Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

Valérie said...

I must say, I really like neon colours on you! Especially with jeans and because you have a kind of tan, it looks so stunning, I would never suit wearing a neon yellow sweater.

Great post!


TheOtherSideofCool said...

Jumper is awesome and love that Oreo is in the pics too! xx
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Maggie Adofo said...

Awe the pup totally wants a blog feature lol.

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AlittlebitUnique said...

Love the neon jumper, you look gorgeous!

A little bit Unique


Band Of The Out Siders said...

Cool pop of colour :)

Style Stars said...

love the neon, that's a brave color ;)

Sam said...

Great pop of neon! I love it with the rolled up jeans. Get better soon! I know a lot of people with colds right now too.