23 March 2013

Office Space

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I'll be working from home more often as of this week, which is amazing! So I obviously need to make a mini office in my living/dining room. When I do work from home, I usually just rest my laptop on my lap and work with Sex and the City on in the background. It's not the best and I think if I want to be more productive I think I need a mini office space. I have a little look on Pinterest and these are my favourite looks. What do you think?

Hugs & Kisses


Anonymous said...

White desk is always a good choice. It looks both modern and chic. Adding a little gold and pink makes the place feminine in my opion and I would suggest always keeping fresh flowers by your side. Have a great weekend!

AlittlebitUnique said...

Some amazing inspiration here, love a bit of home decor

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Cindy S. - FashionsBeauty said...

Love these, I'd have a cool fashion canvas on the wall to get me productive! xoxo

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