7 March 2013


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Whilst grieving for my first ever pair of worn out shoes this week (RIP), it got me to thinking about shoes that stand the test of time. Back when I was a youngster (a very long time ago), my hobbies included dancing - actually dancing everyday. If there was a dance class going, I was doing it, from the age of 3. My first pair of dance shoes were ballet shoes, these were changed on numerous occasions due to me growing and just ruining them. It wasn't for quite a few years until I took up another for of dancing - Tap - I felt like such a grown up when I finally got my 'adult' tap shoes, so grown up in fact - I still have them and for some reason YEARS and YEARS on. My next obsession was Jazz - I went through jazz shoes like there was no tomorrow - i'm sure once I bought a pair - wore them twice - they were stretched. Either that or my feet shrunk so I was forever getting a new pair. Random babble over with. 

Hugs & Kisses