3 March 2013

Sunday Sunday

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What a lovely Sunday, the sun is shining, Coke Zero is in my fridge and The Princess Diaries is on the box (yes I know i'm a loser). I couldn't ask for much for right now except for maybe Chilli Heat Wave Doritos! So for now I shall leave you with some Fantastic inspiration.

 photo 650d3231-0dbf-4688-97d2-44cf6e3b2af0_zps8a02e5c0.jpg

 photo af0f4c17-2cba-4d97-9e87-c772f2455374_zpsf0529610.jpg

 photo 44d5f9b0-4874-45f7-96ac-c04084441f1a_zpsac7bbc30.jpg

 photo 87932dec-623c-46ec-8f71-8a421cddb51f_zpsc49c7aff.jpg

 photo a4c7230e-e60a-4b30-9cbc-623b3f33398a_zps11504200.jpg
Pictures from Pinterest and TheyAllHateUs

Hugs & Kisses


Leigh Stronach said...

Need those first shoes! They are gorgeous xx

Rachel. said...

love those first shoes, amazing! xo

Kalina said...

great inspirations :) said...

cool pics :)

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Leigh Stronach said...

Hi just wondering if anyone is able to tell me where those shoes are from? Or if anyone can help me find a similar pair? Would be very grateful!