28 March 2013

Throw Back Thursday

 photo a731f09b-dba0-4dde-8c98-b8d5df4fab0c_zps174eb783.jpg

This outfit happened oh about 2 years ago now, how time flies. I loved this dress so much, but I lost too much weight to wear it again. Le sigh! Perfect excuse to buy a new one or ten, which is exactly what i've done.

Hugs & Kisses


The pampered pout said...

How did you loose your weight? x

McKenna Bleu said...

What a lovely dress, congrats on the weight loss!

Have a Great Easter Weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress! How did you lose the weight?

Happy Easter!

SpRoGgA said...

That outfits lovely!! I really like your hair like that too!! xXx