3 March 2013

Today I Looked Like This

Jeans here, Blazer here, Shoes ASOS (old), T-shirt Topshop.

Today marks the last day that I am going to wear these shoes. It's very unusual for me to wear a pair of heels or trainers until they die. These ASOS heels have died, they are quite simply the most comfortable  heels that I have EVER worn and I am sad to see them go. But don't fear, I have a replacement on the way! Go ASOS!

Hugs & Kisses


AlittlebitUnique said...

Love the asos heels, rip shoes lol! Love the jacket as well, you look really pretty

A little bit Unique


kate said...

I love your shoes. Love them.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

very cute!

TheOtherSideofCool said...

Always so sad when a pair of shoes hits the dust but sounds like you got a good amount of wear out of them at least! And now its a good excuse to buy a new pair! xx

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