11 March 2013

What your Watch says about you

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There are plenty of women who dismiss watches as merely a time-keeping necessity, however there are also a growing number of women who would dispute this.  Wrist watches (or timepieces as they are known in the ‘horology’ industry) are on the cusp of the handbag: a well-considered fashion accessory that is chosen to reflect personality and style.  Depending on where you are in this spectrum, this can mean sacrificing a couple of month’s rent to finance the purchase of your latest ‘must-have’ item.  Let’s look at the variables (colour, style etc.) to identify what your watch says about you.
The City It-Girl
The city it-girls life revolves around fashion, style and endless parties.  She has Vogue delivered every month and uses this as a bible of what to wear, how to act and who to date.  She has no moral-compass when it comes to spending, so budgets are not an issue.  The latest trends and designers however, are.
The city it-girl will know that 2013 is all about timepieces which ceramic timepieces in feminine pastel colours or rose gold in material and colour.  A typical example is anything from the Ladie’s Rolex Perpetual range, but our particular favourite is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual (Model number 176234)
The shoe string it-girl 
The shoe string it-girl is a carbon copy of the city it-girl, without the money.  She works hard in the city, just about makes each month’s rent and occasionally rewards herself with an must-have item.  She will research fashion blogs for trends and is quite happy to buy the ASOS version of the Net a Porter.
The shoe string it-girl knows that women’s watches are fashionable, particularly rose gold.  The go-to brand is Michael Kors, who does a great job at supplying high-end, fashionable watches, at a reasonable price.  A typical example is the Michael Kors Rose Gold Bracelet Watch, retail value £219.
The Adrenaline Junkie
Have you completed a five-mile cycle to work?  Are you competing in a triathlon at the weekend?  Skiing the black-run pistes?  Then chances are you are an adrenaline junkie.  The adrenaline junkie lives for adventure, the outdoors and sport.  She has no concern for fashion, only for practicality and reliability.
The adrenaline junkie needs a timepiece which is as accurate as possible to record performances and personal bests.  The Tag Heuer brand ticks all these boxes, specifically the Aquaracer timepiece, retail value £1,450.
The East-Ender
Everyone knows that east-enders are cool, creative-types.  They love to find new bands, hang around in exposed-brick studios making things that look pretty, love film, the arts and anything bespoke and quirky.  Conforming to the norm, they most certainly do not.  They probably work as a stylist, artist or production assistant and would never be seen in a suit.
The East-Ender would not have the money or the inclination to spend upwards of £100 on a timepiece.  They would like a watch that is either completely unique i.e. a vintage timepiece found in a charity shop, or a digital, bright coloured, funky timepiece.  The Casio brand absolutely fits this profile, as does Timex and Swatch.  A typical example is the Casio ladies bracelet digital watch, retail value £34.95 or the Timex Marathon digital pink strap watch, retail value £22.49.
The Bohemian
The Bohemian also resides in east London however she spends her free time at music festivals or by the sea.  The bohemian has no concern for materialistic belongings, putting down roots or planning for the future, she simply takes one day at a time absorbing music, culture and inspiration.
A watch has no place in the bohemian’s life she sees this as restrictive and unnecessary.  Life is not about boundaries, it’s about freedom of expression and spirituality.  The bohemian therefore wears no watch, retail value £0.


Jen - Kitsch N Sync said...

I'm actually an east ender (born & bread!), but I like to think I'm a City It Girl! haha!

Jen xx

Ambyr said...

I find myself in an odd mix between the Shoe String It Girl and the East Ender. Weird combo- hi that's me. Great descriptive characters of women. Especially being that we're in different countries, these "women" are still relatively the same people.


AlittlebitUnique said...

I loved how different this post was and I've wanted an MK watch for ages, but a girl can only dream lol

A little bit Unique


Xandra Boersma said...

I guess I'm the shoe string it-girl, but I don't have the money for a MK watch unfortunately. Been saving up for one for ages though. Love this post!