15 April 2013

Nelly Shoes

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I've been feeling kinds bleugh about fashion lately - I hate everything I own, I hate it on me and I hate looking at it! I guess I just need to find some inspiration and sort it out really. I thought i'd share some of my fave shoes right now, they are all from Nelly, who you guys should really check out. It's a shame that the online store isn't mentioned more really. The shoes are the only shoes I will give the time of day right now, totally spot on. Go check it out here girlies.

Hugs & Kisses


Ambyr said...

I have a pair like those gold toe capped pumps, they're one of my favorite heels right now. I really do love the black pair with the lace-like details.


AlittlebitUnique said...

Number 1 is definitely my favourite, the perfect spring colour! I love these shoes

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Megan Hunt said...

I own the mint green pair (number 1)! Not had much chance to wear them yet but think they'll go really well with summery outfits xo

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Tamsin said...

I love number 3 & 5! They are all so cute.

Tamsin xx