11 April 2013

Oreo Cheesecake

 photo 61f9e022-b39c-4e75-ace6-07a3e94d6b96_zpse9fa8e6e.jpg

Since naming my pup Oreo, my obsession with said biscuit would become quite apparent. I'm always on the hunt to make Oreo based things. This past Friday, I made a cheesecake and Oreo cheesecake, in fact my first ever cheesecake. I always thought a cheesecake was a hard thing to make - turns out not so much - but I definitely need more practice. However the Oreo biscuit base was 100% worth it.
If you want to give it a go you can get the recipe here.

 photo df678844-7931-4f1b-a204-eed58badadd9_zpsc0b21780.jpg

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Hugs & Kisses


Rachel. said...

oh my goodness, that looks so yummy! xo

Zara - Lifes Pretty Visions (Irish Beauty Blog) said...

Ahh this looks so good!


Ambyr said...

I don't like most desserts but I do enjoy an oreo and cheesecake so... YUM! Save a piece for me!


AlittlebitUnique said...

Neeeeed to make this, it looks so yummy!

A little bit Unique