17 April 2013

Swimwear For Your Summer Holiday

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Step away from the sweets, get out your running shoes and grab that bottle of water; summer is fast approaching so get that bikini body in shape and the perfect swimwear in your suitcase.
The two ways to make sure you look your best on the beach are firstly to get your body summer ready and secondly, to find the perfect bikini to flatter your body shape.
If you feel like you might want to drop a couple of pounds before the big reveal then use some common sense; resist the takeaways and processed foods, try to get 3-4 exercise sessions in, focusing 30 minutes on cardio such as running, and drink around 2 litres of water which can promote weight loss.
Opting for a bikini that is the wrong shape, style or size for your body can make you appear larger than you actually are. Play around with different styles and find a shape that creates balance; you are aiming for an hourglass shape where your top and bottom half appear to be around the same measurements.
Women that are curvier can often struggle to find bikinis that create balance and offer support and comfort while still looking stylish and sexy but if you look in the right places you don't need to end up with swimwear that even your granny wouldn’t wear.
At My Curves & Me they stay true to their namesake, providing cheap swimwear that celebrates curvy figures. As specialists, they are aware that design is as important as practicality and their swimwear collection reflects this with bikinis, swimsuits and tankinis that offer extra support and comfort teamed with fun and trendy designs to flatter curvy shapes.
Check out the stylish and bright Tallulah design, which comes in a swimsuit, bikini or tankini and the Veronica collection which is a vibrant teal and shows off a lovely vintage inspired bow.
With the right diet, a little exercise and the perfect fit swimwear you will feel great and look fabulous for that summer holiday!
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