31 May 2013

Always Wanted

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Way back when I was 6 years old, I remember my utter fascination with glasses. All I wanted was a pair of glasses - that is all - not too much to ask for I thought. Fair enough I didn't really understand why I couldn't have a pair and most probably thought it was my parents way of trying to ruin my life, but no I was cursed with 20/20 vision. I still am - but it is not so much a curse anymore. Fingers crossed that my 20/20 continues. As a teen I used to go round various opticians trying on all sorts of shapes and sizes in preparation of the glasses D day. Again it never did happen, but at least I am prepared for when it is needed. I decided then and there that as they would be on my face for most of the day, I would not scrimp on them and get the best that I could possibly afford. This left me with a pair of Chanel's and a pair of DKNY's. Do you guys wear glasses? Do you like them?

Last week, I was discussing with the girlies about glasses and if I had to wear them I would most probably attempt to get Laser Eye Surgery, I wouldn't even think twice, I would just get it done. This brought forward quite the discussion and hours worth of opinions, but I'm still all for the laser surgery, you can follow this link if you are interested in it.

Hugs & Kisses

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Diva In Me said...

Good for you that you're very determine to do laser and know what's best for you. As for me, I'm too chicken shit to do laser. I would just do glasses for the rest of my life =)

Corinne said...

My housemate wants laser eye surgery! Thankfully I do not need to wear glasses!

I love those jeans with that top =)

Corinne x