22 May 2013

Another Skater

 photo e094f84a-bd7d-4426-a954-51c71eb47fef_zpsf5fbfd71.jpg

 photo b97c4136-218b-4c32-abd1-ba3f11877d25_zpsb44f71dc.jpg
Dress Primark Boots Ash.

Been looking after a sicko puppy all last night, she seems to have perked up now which is good news and means that I can finally leave the house. Another little dress that I managed to find in Primark. I very rarely find anything in there to wear, but over the last few weeks I have bought 9 dresses. A lovely  summer wardrobe for like £60 - what a bargain. Sorry for the overuse of these shoes but quite frankly I love them.

Hugs & Kisses

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Valérie said...

I love your outfit! Hope your pup feel better :) Great post!

X Valérie

Martha Z. said...

You look gorgeous!!
Inspirational look :) x x

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Results-SEO said...

Well, I got nothing to say than “WOW” you looks so beautiful dear one!

Ai said...

Love the shape of that dress!

Jess said... look gorgeous! Love the outfit. You def made the right choice.

Ambyr said...

Ooh I wish I had 9 new dresses. I love the fresh pop of white here, super cute. And glad the pup is feeling better. I hate when my dog is sick, I feel so bad that I can't fix it.



Wow 9 dresses, lucky you, Im searching for some summer dresses for months, at least the weather is not summerish at all ober here, so no need for a rush. ;-) I can't wait to see your other options!