16 May 2013

Latest Looks

 photo 81252b07-8a74-4f99-b370-aee6d6c3ec00_zps58525249.jpg

 photo 531bd747-7845-4d15-aae7-51933ead5b19_zpsc73c4408.jpg

 photo 6a1e8ada-440d-4c02-9c18-66dd40e57047_zpsc49e9c17.jpg

 photo c96365ac-b7e6-4dd4-93b9-08e03af22941_zps0b4f780d.jpg

 photo 8cd70239-a646-4f88-a284-7c6811ee9279_zps67f7560f.jpg

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Ambyr said...

You're all print and leathered up. I love the midi dress with the leather jacket.


Pip said...

Loving the leather jacket and also the blue skirt on you! Hope all is well! xx Pip

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Diva In Me said...

I guess that leather jacket is so cool! Looks good on you.
Lately I've got a few favourites and they're basically shoes and bags =)

Char! said...

The last look is my idea of awesomeness x