20 May 2013

Naughty but Nice

 photo 12e80976-2bba-45ef-bfc5-b74c77e4ce40_zps3911eae4.jpg

I have a massive talent for turning something healthy into something completely bad for you. Let me introduce to you my Dorito salad. Now don't get me wrong I love a salad and I do try to be healthy, but a Saturday is simply not the time for such a thing. I've been for a run this morning, so it kinda negates the whole thing, but it is much better than heading to McDonalds. I used ice berg lettuce, spinach, cucumber, cherry tomato, avocados, grated cheese topped with chilly heat wave doritos.  Defo something you should try if you love all the above.

 photo c6eef1b0-738c-4b27-b09a-26d5fc63bc03_zpsb0a8f7a7.jpg

 photo f307b6fd-f85d-434a-8955-55152879b150_zpseecf2337.jpg

 photo 5ef66866-4edd-4004-a9b5-e81cbe6a44f7_zps6f555fce.jpg

 photo 6c6dafde-7b3c-4879-9178-6dea74112381_zps581ee567.jpg

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Hugs & Kisses

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Valérie said...

That looks so delicious! Great post!

X Valérie

TheOtherSideofCool said...

Exactly the kind of thing I whip up when we have mexican night ;) xx

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