14 June 2013

Fashion Apps for your iPhone

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If the latest mobile phone reviews left you clutching your iPhone as tightly as your Jimmy Choo shoes, then you’re undoubtedly a fashionista who’d appreciate some of the latest fashion apps. So here are three that any self-respecting fashionista shouldn’t be without.
                  If you’d like an app that not only tells you what the weather is outside but also suggests what you should wear, then look no further than Stylecaster.  Sponsored by Ralph Lauren (need I say more) and launched by Stylecaster, the app also you access to much of their website inclusive of news, videos, style tips and where you can buy featured outfits and get your hair styles like the models.            
                  So now you’ve always got a suggestion of what to wear, can you remember every garment in your wardrobe? If the answers is no, don’t worry, Touch Closet could provide you with the solution. Inspired by Alicia Silverstone’s computerised closet from the film Clueless, this app will allow you to catalogue the current content of your wardrobes and keep it in check by adding to it and subtracting from it as you buy new clothes or throw away old ones. Once you’ve done that, you can then pick out the perfect outfit for those special nights out (or in) whilst you’re travelling or on a lunch break; meaning no more last minute panic attacks – just a stress-less way of looking great whatever the occasion. 
                  In between work and those special occasions, you’ll, undoubtedly, want to keep up with all the latest fashion news. TrendTracker contains a gallery of hundreds of catwalk shows from your favourite fashion weeks that incorporate your favourite designers as well as a store location finder and city guides.
                  All in all, three apps we think any self-respecting fashionista shouldn’t be without.

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