21 June 2013

Good Morning

 photo 68d74df1-9f87-44d3-ad63-abd14bb7b82f_zps3f8f2d0d.jpg

Who's excited it's Friday? Hands up!? I'm so glad i've finally got a picture that manages to show you the colour of my jeans. They have appeared on my blog a million times, but not one single picture has brought out just how blue they are. These are from ASOS as are super soft denim - they are the jogging bottoms of jeans. More pictures later. Have an amazing day.

Hugs & Kisses

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Becca said...

Really nice outfit- I love how simple and clean it is. Nice shoes too!

Becca x

mel said...

This is a perfect casual outfit and I'm in love with your jeans x