6 June 2013

Green Scale

 photo 1cefb95b-9657-4038-89ee-5c4867e12740_zpsa40e596c.jpg

It's very unlike me to wear mismatched colours, but these jeans and shoes were just to good to not put together. Love them. Off to work now have a fabulous day my loves.

 photo ab6c922a-0528-4556-8774-9ef953858de4_zpsdbcec6b7.jpg

 photo c7958489-d041-484b-8fbd-82ceedb1598c_zpsb19f67bc.jpg
Jeans New Look, T-Shirt Topshop, Heels Nelly.

Hugs & Kisses

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Be Nice* said...

So chic combination!!! ;)

Courtney Melville said...

Fab outfit, love the tee!

Emma Matthews said...

Great outfit! So sports luxe!

Emma x

Rachel. said...

love this outfit, you look lovely! I have that top too! xo

Isabel said...

i love those heels, they are perfect for summer!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion