26 June 2013

Holiday Holiday Holiday

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Much like most of the British population, I am busy planning my summer holiday, or quite simply thinking of where to go. I guess the planning stage will actually come when I decide on a destination! It’s just so hard - the world is your oyster n’ all that. I usually opt for LA if i’m going without my parents and as much as I LOVE the place and seriously need to go back soon because it’s been fat too long, I think I may need to venture out into the world a bit more. So far on my HIT list I have Greece (somewhere nice and quiet), Portugal (hot, hot, hot), New York (shopping), Thailand (Just because, why not) and Mexico. Having said all that - i’ll probably just go back to LA again, the shopping, the sights, the weather, the beach - you just can’t be let down. Also a plus is that I can pop over to San Fran and do a bit of discovering. I love that place, but my last trip there, I barely took any pictures. Booooooooo!

The list is actually way way longer than that, but I don’t want to bore you completely. Next up on my holiday planning is the outfits. The day time and the night time. I pretty much have them all planned except for one maxi dress that needs to find it’s way into my wardrobe ASAP. I am so ridiculous when it comes to holiday wardrobe planning that I make a list of everything that I am planning on wearing and on what days. I told you - pretty ridiculous. Also I must must must buy some new bikini’s or maybe a swimsuit.

Last on the holiday list is how to pay for said holiday.  I always spend the first half of the year doing some saving, but with a mortgage and a life, it’s sometimes, just not possible. So what do I do? I always compare credit cards online so that I can find the best deals out there with the smallest APR and also the best 0% interest that I can get. We don’t want to be worrying about having to pay it all back at once now do we!? It’s also useful to research about credit cards with rewards. This concept is new to me, but I thought why not get more for your money when your spending your money anyways.

oooooh i’m so excited just buy the thought of holiday shopping. Where will you guys be going? 


Kirsty said...

LOVE LA!!! I went there last year on honeymoon, I had no real expectations as it was a last minute add on to the honeymoon as we couldn't get Hawaii! But I am so happy we went it was amazing, the vibe and the relaxed atmosphere! I cantbwaitbto go back

Diva In Me said...

You totally should go over to SF. Gorgeous and weather is great! I just visited and totally love it. NYC is definitely a must for shopping but due to a higher state tax, I'd rather shop in SF actually. There do have many similarities when it comes to brands.
Have a great trip dearie! =)