24 June 2013

Latest Looks

 photo a1fce52d-390e-4186-be8b-6a18edc82409_zps7cde5c2f.jpg

 photo e5ecb4c8-d9f2-4d70-8ad8-29a15b65ffb7_zpscc96c122.jpg

 photo fdc7e747-93b3-4b87-83ff-d45a7f252884_zps8d37fe5d.jpg

 photo eab2d8a6-1da1-420b-a292-43f90f3e5c44_zps17bfc7fa.jpg

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Ambyr said...

I love that both of your pants are cuffed/gathered at the ankles. Super cute.


La Dolce Moda said...

Love these outfits!
The white and blue skinny jeans on the last outfit are gorgeous!
Great blog!

La Dolce Moda (if you like you can follow back so we can keep in touch)

Satu said...

Love your white maxi dress, both jeans/pants and the chevron top .. I'd be so happy to get any of those pieces xx

Indie by heart
(GFC shutting down - follow me on Bloglovin')

cardiac said...

That white dress is awwwww *.*

hannah said...

Your hair is gorgeous! I love those trousers in the last photo - where were they from? :) xx

Serviced office rent in Singapore said...

I love the 3rd image it gives a more rich look.