9 June 2013

Latest Looks

 photo 49344981-f700-4172-9926-fd3ed63bc905_zps209b5721.jpg

 photo cd41f2a8-d1fb-44ba-a4a9-7553af756a69_zps1feacd0d.jpg

 photo 11fae81a-75aa-44f8-91cf-177b5a478bc8_zps175c7584.jpg

 photo db263aaf-26b1-4a87-a98d-c307c4562262_zpsc85f76db.jpg

 photo 1cefb95b-9657-4038-89ee-5c4867e12740_zpsa40e596c.jpg

The sunny weather has got me loving fashion again, i'm definitely solar powered. Loving all my looks this week so much so, I want to wear them all again right now.
Go yourself a fave?

Hugs & Kisses

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Anna Marian said...

Although I like skirts and dresses because they are all cutxi cutxi and lovely... I am definitely a jeans person . So my favourite would be the third picture :) I think you look wonderful there! xxx

InsideOut Elle said...

Love the contrast b/w the sporty top and heels ^^ My favorite outfit has to be the one piece tho, I love the faint lace print!