12 June 2013

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I'm a terrible shopper, it's like a pot of pringles once you pop you just can't stop. I'm ok if I detox myself, but as soon as I see that must have items i'm a lost hope. Currently i'm lusting over everything form the online store Bonprix. So naughty, but I think I've clicked home about 10 things. Woopsie! They have such a fab range of womenswear, I was like a puppy tasting marmite for the first time (for those who have never witnessed it - its crazy - they cant get enough their eyes bulge out of their heads and they just can't stop). and after reading back that last statement it is clear that I have also had far too much caffeine today. Back to shopping - I really want this rose print dress for my up and coming holiday, that back is just far too pretty to not wear on the beach. This bandeau maxi will also be coming on my holiday with me, I absolutely love the colours and will most definitely be worn on nights out and dinner. I also went a bit crazy and got this bubble print dress in pink, it's not something I would normally wear, but a change is good every once in a while. I also went for this basic skirt, which is needed for every day holiday wear. I got soooo much more and I am now holiday ready.

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