23 June 2013

Sneak Peek

 photo dec781ff-f9ae-4330-bb52-14f1991dc32c_zps48a99e4e.jpg

I love Sunday's, unfortunately they go by way to quickly for my liking. Today was spent at the gym, indulging is some yummy treats and a spot of sale shopping. As a rule I HATE the sales with a passion, but I was in need of a new bag. Mission was accomplished. Now i'm off to catch up on 24 for a couple of hours before dinner. Enjoy your day.

 photo bf6a75ba-a4e3-42e9-96ed-2b9de297c2ca_zps36797784.jpg

 photo 9760c2c0-b388-413e-a11e-446335fba92e_zpsa1155d53.jpg

Hugs & Kisses

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el_martina said...

lovely bag!

MargieF said...

I like the added dog in the first pic lol gorgeous bag!

M said...

cool tee! love me some skulls!
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Anonymous said...

hey adore ton look ici! ton perfecto est top jessaye den trouver un de ce style il est pas cher tu pourrais me dire ce que t'en penses t'as vrmt une touche perso que jaime bien;
merci davance bises