4 June 2013

The Sun has got his hat on!

 photo 11fae81a-75aa-44f8-91cf-177b5a478bc8_zps175c7584.jpg

Good morning Ladies - who's enjoying the sunshine!? I know I am. Just a quick post this morning to say I LOVE this jumper so much! I'm thinking of attempting to wear it as a beach cover up when i'm on my hols in a few months, but i'm not sure if it'll be too hot or not. Le Sigh blogger problems! ha! Off to work now, have a fabulous day.

 photo e93691d5-01c1-4b32-8fba-ea25e1b5df4d_zps1cb324a3.jpg

 photo 15d2212e-cf36-4a5b-81ed-2cd34f4aa168_zps43553138.jpg

 photo 79e92bb6-e18d-4f36-9310-b476b9ceb1e0_zps54224572.jpg

 photo ee12ebb8-ef00-4fa9-92f6-ec608adc6681_zps4b6fb43c.jpg

Hugs & Kisses

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SABINNA and DAVID said...

lovely look!

xx, Sabinna and David
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