2 July 2013


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My summer plan is to wear less black and mix up my style a bit. I always go for basics like a vest top and a tee, but I just don't feel well dressed or like myself. So I have turned to the blouse, I have never been a shirt wearing kind of girl so this is the perfect alternative. I absolutely love how it's loose but smart and the colour will set off any outfit.

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Blouse Zara, Shorts & Bag Topshop and Sandals Primark.

Hugs & Kisses

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Courtney Melville said...

Your definitely embracing the bit of sun, and your looking great, lovely look xx

Sher said...

I'm a basics kind of girl too so I know the feeling! I love the colour of this shirt though, it looks amazing against your skin tone x

Anonymous said...

Cobalt blue is such a great color on you! Love the fresh chic look!

Cee. ♥
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Ambyr said...

I love how bright this blue is. I do wear a lot of black as well but the warm weather helps mix up my colors a lot.


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Cassandra Too said...

That blue is soooo cute! Nice outfit!

with love, Cassandra xx

Hannah said...

That blue is so pretty on you!
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Tóta Heimisdóttir said...

Cute (:

Anonymous said...

nice bag!