9 July 2013


 photo c106b861-9dc8-45a0-b190-801f9c75c038_zps97bf6e08.jpg

The prettiest dress in the whole wide world, but the ugliest dress on camera. Seriously no picture did this dress justice! Rubbish! Didn't end up wearing these shoes with the dress in the end, changed them up for some cute black heels.

 photo 045a003c-40d8-4a8f-a746-caf74a508a8b_zps4158ac56.jpg

 photo e1131406-72ac-4c7f-b244-89fbea268dc2_zpsd3ac6524.jpg

 photo 4592fb1c-d946-462b-8668-55751d960ec0_zps62688849.jpg
Dress Zara, Heels Topshop (Old old old).

Hugs & Kisses

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Miss Delirium said...

I think the dress looks nice :) But I know the feeling! ;-P

Anonymous said...

The dress looks gorgeous on you but I know the feeling lol looks great with the tan shoes xx

Tóta Heimisdóttir said...

I think it looks pretty cute (:


Anonymous said...

The dress doesn't look bad on camera a lot! To me it looks super unique and pretty, love the details.

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Emma said...
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Jen M said...

Love the dress! such a pretty colour! :)

Katy - Giggles And Makeup said...

I think the dress looks lovely! I love the shoes too :-) xx

Ambyr said...

I love the little gathering in the front. It's romantic and dresses up this look perfectly.


Maggie Adofo said...

This dress looks perfect for one of those anywhere/anytime dresses. Looks great on you! :)

Love Mavin

cecylia said...

such a cute shift! I love your Papillon too :D I have a Chihuahua :D

Diva In Me said...

Yea I guess certain outfits just couldn't get along with camera lenses. I do think you look good in this dress =)