26 July 2013

Pretty Flowers

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I do have to say that nothing cheers me up more than a massive bouquet of flowers being delivered alongside my favourite chocolates. This made for a very happy Wednesday I must say. I received this bouquet from the lovely people over at Debenhams and I couldn't have been more excited. Now that my friends and I are on the wrong side of our twenties, we don't really get each other birthday presents anymore, but it is always lovely to receive chocolates and flowers or even champagne (hint hint), alongside a card. I can't stop looking at these as they are just too pretty, I don't want them to die. Needless to say the chocolates were eaten in like 10 seconds flat. You can check out the Birthday Flowers Range here.
Also the lovely people over at Debenhams have given FashionChampagne readers off discount code for all the birthday flowers range. The code is - BDAYR15. Let me know if you get anything - code expires on 31st August.

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Hugs & Kisses

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Mia Felce said...

Aww how lovely :)

Tóta Heimisdóttir said...

Very pretty (:


Faye_Oliviaa said...

They are so beautiful and go so perfectly against the white of your room. I love flowers they always bring a bit of life to a room xx

Diva In Me said...

They are definitely beautiful! The colors are so pleasant =)

Angiewhitey said...

Sweetie!!! I can say that for me is the perfect present of course!! what I want more than that beutiful flowers and my lovely chocolates??!!! that´s great!! soooo happy birhtday!!! If I were you... I do what you did chocolates eaten in a few seconds!! yummy!


Pani TruSkaWka said...

Prześliczne kwiaty! <33

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Brigitte Honeybee said...

i want flowers too. they are so beautiful :)

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Mia's Little Corner said...

Oh, wow they look sooo pretty! Love that strong pink!! :D


Mia's Little Corner

LittleVintageLoveAffair said...

wow! so beautyfull roses!!! great pictures!

emma said...

such beautiful flowers, i also want some!

menina elegante said...

stunning flowers! They are quite idyllic xx