21 July 2013

The Look

 photo 677bba23-4c7c-4a45-9b96-f3ec1e6e60d9_zps4808585c.jpg

This is what I wore to the BBQ today. It was absolutely boiling, so I ended up changing into shorts. Again, something else bought from Primark in the form of this maxi skirt - loving all the colours. Also the red sandals are coming out of the cupboard again - Love them. Now it's time for a movie with my fave and early to bed. Enjoy the rest of your evening!

 photo e8556546-3675-4fe4-a071-e373d5946096_zpsd5e4970e.jpg

 photo d3a4db75-ce2f-4ea6-8b80-8348a8e7be36_zpsa5ec5a10.jpg

 photo 9cd89e55-ba11-491b-a4d8-40d5967551ef_zps868d774f.jpg

 photo 96d1aedd-f716-4fd5-8c42-44966d009601_zps7401a622.jpg
Top Topshop, Red Sandals from Moony Mood and Skirt Primark.

Hugs & Kisses

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