23 August 2013

Last Bank Holiday

 photo bc35f83e-1fc9-4163-b7b4-0b42564131ef_zps4530917d.jpg

Today is looking a bit like this - hope you have an amazing 3 day weekend everyone. Enjoy - it's the last one of the year so I hear? I'll be spending mine doing some holiday shopping. I actually don't own a single bikini - how ridiculous is that? Completely ridic thats how. So that is why the comfy converse are on my feet. I'm the worst shopper in the world when my feet hurt. I moan and moan and then moan some more. I'm such a delight to be around really.

Hugs & Kisses

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Be Nice* said...

So original outfit! I love it! :)

Dressvise said...

The outfit is soo cool! I love the combination of maxi skirts with sweaters. Definitely have to try that myself.

Greetings from Germany,


bella dulce said...