16 August 2013

Mint Green

 photo d3aad82a-a05a-4304-afb0-f309a8c4f49e_zpse3ec3057.jpg

I just love this skirt, it was initially too big, but out came the sewing kit - et voila. I could seriously wear it everyday - if only it wasn't so windy. Floaty skirt, long hair and lip gloss = the hardest outfit/look to obtain. I'm a sticky falling over mess. I'm far too excited for today, I woke up to some wonderful news. Another bestie has had a baby boy this morning, it's her 3rd and I can't wait to meet him. Have a lovely Friday guys! 

 photo a89cd0a2-f0bc-4d8c-8517-24924c4e46f8_zps094fd387.jpg

 photo 91bac78d-bb7a-428c-9a8e-613f6a8aed27_zpsf45fb8aa.jpg
Skirt Mango, Jumper Topshop, Sandals New Look, Dog My Own.

Hugs & Kisses

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Rhea said...

Beautiful maxi!

emma said...

i hate it when my hair gets stuck on my lip gloss!

Glória Hefzibá said...

Totally love this outfit! What a great combo!

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