28 August 2013

Sparkles on My Feet

 photo 4ccc27d0-be03-44de-a045-e3cbc1dc3189_zpsb0c82bd7.jpg

Aren't these shoes the cutest things ever. I can't stop staring at them I love glittery feet. It's even more exciting when the sun is shining and they sparkle everywhere. Love love love them - just incase you hadn't already realised.

 photo 85a6a5fb-6538-45b7-95f9-55d8b5b98fb0_zpsd68fa8b9.jpg

 photo 851d8ace-4a70-49dc-83db-56f59a2abcce_zps9622b4a9.jpg

 photo f0b3260c-62fc-4e73-bf5c-8a4b264dc25f_zps8bb37c3f.jpg

Hugs & Kisses

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Cherry said...

So pretty!

Pip said...

Those are so lovely! I love them! xx Pip

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Mia Felce said...

They're so pretty :)
I want some!

Anonymous said...

they are so pretty. Good choice!

There is a new weekly blogger game up for all shoe lovers! I'd be more than happy if you check it out...

Rachel. said...

They're sooo pretty! I love them! xo

Frida said...

Super pretty! I love anything that sparkles!

Tóta Heimisdóttir said...

Love them!


Diva In Me said...

Yup! I think they are definitely adorable. I've always liked Steve Madden's designs.
Good choice =)