3 August 2013

The Shoe Gallery

I don't know if you've noticed recently, but New Look shoes are killing it right now. I have to say that I have always liked their clothes and buy them regularly, but I have never paid much attention to the shoe department, until now that is. Obviously being in the middle of Summer n all that, the fashion world is of course already moving onto A/W 13. Strange - yes, but you get used to it. So as that is the case, we are now seeing the new trends hitting stores whilst the last of the bikinis are fizzled out or waiting to be bought for that last minute holiday (which reminds me i'm off in a couple of weeks and need to buy some). I am especially loving their cut out ankle boots. So many colours and so many designs, it's nearly impossible to choose, so I may just have to buy them all, naughty I know, but what the shoe fits. Ha Ha!  They have also introduced metal plates on their ankle boots, which seems to be a nice fit with the next season and brings that little something something to your feet to brighten up a dull wintery day. Also the metal tip cut out boots are high on my must buy list. I think they might just be my first purchase, loooooove them. My wish list is in fact endless and I should probably stop looking as i've just found a million more pairs that I would like. Mainly the black open side ankle, which is a fun reinvention of the side zip ankle boots that everyone has been wearing for the past couple of years.

Which ones would you pick?

Hugs & Kisses

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1 comment:

Melli said...

I'm always seeing things for fashion even two seasons ahead of its time. It really is crazy. I guess that's why I'm not fashionable - I can't keep up! lol Anyway, I love the shoes to the left on the middle row. Those are really cute!

☮ Melli { Casual Beauty }