2 September 2013

All That Sparkles

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Hi Girlies. Sorry for the late update, i've been so busy doing my own thing all day that I completely forgot to blog. Im off on holiday at the end of the week and i've only just realised that I no longer own a bikini, so i've been trying to find some. So far no luck - I think it's going to have to be an ASOS job and next day delivery. Now to the outfit - look at the shoes - just look at them, I love having them on my feet and looking down just to see them sparkle. Next up we have the jeans - these babies are from George at Asda and they only come in 3 sizes - S, M and large. They mould to your body shape and stretch to any size, they also give your bum a little bit of a lift. Even better - they are only £18 - that's a win if ever there was one. Hope you all have a great evening. I'm off to watch Piranhaconda on the Syfy channel, their movies are always so bad they crack me up.

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Jeans and Necklace ASOS, Blouse Dorothy Perkins and Shoes Carvela via Spartoo.

Hugs & Kisses

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Roxii said...

I love that bag!