17 September 2013


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So I finally found a fedora that didn't look to awful on me. This one is from H&M and I love that the band around the hat isn't too big. The Topshop one, which is what I originally wanted, made me look ridiculous. I have also bought a few more hats for the yucky colder weather, which I will share with you in the next couple of weeks.

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 photo 782be986-243d-4e3d-8d04-44c30a0f834c_zps1824b4be.jpg

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Dress WithLove, Jacket New Look, Boots by Ash via Spartoo, Necklace and Bag Topshop, Fedora H&M.

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Tash said...

such a cute hat! not too big either!!

Rhea said...

Very cute look. :)

des does said...

Love your style :)

RuBee said...

The hat looks great on you. X