27 September 2013

It's an Animal Thing

 photo 612f1680-effe-4279-9e62-755f232b52f2_zps0ac6a48f.jpg

I've been getting mildly obsessed with animal print as of late. My sister will be laughing (Her fave colour is leopard print) and my friends will be surprised, due to the fact that I'm pretty sure I have never worn such a thing. Anyways i've spotted these shoes around the blogosphere and i'm dreaming of them being on my feet. It's my Mum's birthday today, so i'm off to cook the family dinner. They are coming over to mine for the evening so I better do some tidying up.

 photo ec0d0062-80b9-487f-ba18-79edc784bdfa_zps0b828c92.jpg

 photo aded2f1f-f5b2-4a73-8a69-4f858eee36f9_zpsb82824c9.jpg

Hugs & Kisses


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Tugba Seckin said...

Love the animal shoes :)

Nice blog. Do you want to follow each other on bloglovin?

Katie Rea said...

I'm not mad on animal prints, but I do like how shes paired those loud printed flats with the casual everyday jean, really works. I think some folks can go a bit overboard though and that's when it starts to look a bit too much!

Jen_A said...

Love the shoes! <3