24 September 2013

Pink & White

 photo 51816d5c-44d2-4eee-b9b6-0ceeaaf0abaf_zpsadb0a1bd.jpg

Pink has always been my colour, but that doesn't mean its acceptable to wear it day in and day out. I steered away from it completely when I was blonde, as I didn't want to risk looking like Barbie. However times have changed, I'm a brunette and no longer 24, so I feel like I can maybe bring a pop of it back into my wardrobe. This Topshop fluffy cropped jumper was the first pink item i've purchased in a while and teamed with a long white shirt underneath and some skinny jeans, I feel almost like Cher Horowitz on the day she failed her driving test and realised she was in love with her non step brother. On another note, these white sparkly Carvelas have become quite the wardrobe staple as of late. Rewind back to 10 years a go and i would have cringed at the thought of it thanks to Jodie Marsh giving white heels a bad name.

 photo 00fe5531-9155-44a1-b19d-ca220f894a53_zps73230064.jpg

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Hugs & Kisses

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Ambyr said...

This is sooo channeling your inner Cher Horowitz. Too cute. I love this color of pink with your dark hair.


Angiewhitey said...

lovely outfit!! I love the pink colour, kisses!