21 October 2013

1 Coat 3 Ways

 photo 95711ab5-a266-498e-86af-318fe79bfd8f_zpsb2a1bce4.jpg

I did wonder if buying a pink coat for winter would be quite a stupid idea. It's such a stand out colour, so I wasn't sure if i'd get much wear out of it, or if i'd even wear it at all that matter. Luckily that hasn't been the case and I have really enjoyed trying to come up with different looks to wear it with. Did you buy a statement coat this year? What colour did you go for?

 photo c282e31c-7c50-45bc-bb20-9addda1267d8_zps33c72f7f.jpg

 photo ac4874e1-a75d-4109-8235-cc878174293d_zps2e1760c2.jpg

Hugs & Kisses

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Tia said...

I've been going a little coat mad this year and all I have been doing is watching and buying coats! I love yours!! Where did it come from? xx


bella dulce said...


Diva In Me said...

Pink coat is everywhere and you definitely got yourself a nice one =)