25 October 2013

Five Signs of a Designer Bed

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According to the BBC, the average Brit spends about a third of their life asleep. It's only right, therefore, that you should have the perfect bed for your slumbers. You can spoil yourself by selecting a designer bed and here are five ideas to help you make your choice.

1. Unusual Designs
From vertical beds to those shaped like a book, there is no limit to a designer's imagination. The 'book bed' is in fact two beds that have been built to look like an open book. These beds are very fashionable in japan where space is often at a premium, because the 'book' can be folded away when it is not in use. The Japanese designer Yusuke Suzuki is responsible for this creation. Most people choose designer beds because of their originality and you'll be surprised at the range of contemporary furniture that is available both online and on the high street.

2. Innovation
Designer beds are often recognisable because of their originality. Children's beds can come in all shapes and sizes, each of them tailored to the child's individual tastes. you can select a bed that's been designed in the shape of a hamburger, designed and built by Kayla Kromer. Alternatively, you can go online and see some other wonderful examples of a designer bed that may be suitable for your child.

3. Sophistication
Most adults will look for sophistication as well as originality in a bed. A recent article in The Guardian suggested that tops CEOs spend less time in bed than the rest of the population, so it's essential that the little sleep they do have is in a comfortable and well-designed bed. A four-poster bed complete with curtains may be ideal for someone who needs to ensure that their sleeping space is shrouded by complete darkness.

4. Made to measure
A bespoke model that has been crafted to suit your individual size and height is another telltale sign of a designer bed. A well-made bed crafted from wood or iron will have beautiful features and provide superior comfort as well as looking good in its surroundings.

5. Provide a focal point
If you are investing in a designer bed, try and make sure that you choose a bed that will become a focus for the room as a whole. Given that a bedroom is named after this piece of furniture you owe it to yourself to have as comfortable and stunning a bed as possible. You could choose a conventional rectangular bed that comes complete with its own round platform. Alternatively you can source a number of beds with distinctive headboards. Even though most beds are constructed from wood, there's no reason why you shouldn't have distinctive chrome bed that resembles a contemporary sculpture. the choice is yours.

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