9 October 2013

Latest Looks

 photo d09a17af-5933-449e-8698-853ae0b9c9a5_zpsc65a3210.jpg

 photo 2ad1c661-102e-4cf2-b8ca-2761b0f1d6b3_zpsc4b00eec.jpg

 photo cc940c42-0e92-46c7-8c65-fa9705b460a0_zps818db723.jpg

 photo e57e3623-c3a9-4896-9f10-ac32e4eebdd2_zps51c8b14a.jpg

 photo 610b73b7-d7bd-4f2f-a819-99359456d185_zpsbca16f0f.jpg
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Abbie said...

That blue coat is sooo striking, such a gorgeous colour :-)

Mark Roudy said...

Wow! amazing outfits specially for fall. I love those coats and tees. Hoodies could give more blend than coat. I have Alternative hoodies for me and wife and we both love it.

Diva In Me said...

The blue coat for sure! =)