22 October 2013

Latest Looks

 photo ea86731b-b61c-4fd6-9dca-56e1375e6c9a_zpsb7a94f05.jpg

 photo c9276a43-0402-4442-afbb-2b3a9ac17ced_zps254e3b5d.jpg

 photo ba21b38b-df59-4db5-919e-a5208c36645f_zpsd99ab2fd.jpg

 photo 6b5ccdda-ea4a-43d8-a2fd-1f3a08ceeb81_zps266a431a.jpg

 photo 0b811af8-db49-4a02-abcf-072a454d83e3_zpsdc635c54.jpg
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Catarina Gonçalves said...

Love all your looks! :)

BookLover said...

I'd take something from every outfit but if I gotta chose, I'd pick the first one because those pants made me instantly in love :)

AlittlebitUnique // UK blog said...

Love those tartan trousers, they look amazing on!

Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


Diana Koop said...

HI Kirsty !

Thanks for visiting my blog !
I fell in love with your pink coat <3
but all the looks are great !!!

Greets Diana

Till next !

Chahrazad said...

Lovely outfits. Love them all.