4 October 2013

Looks i'm Loving Right Now

 photo e33ebb00-cb3f-4d2d-92bf-51c103505b84_zps2b2b6fb0.jpg
{Oversized Coats}

Since embarking on my new little venture (Seen here and here), I have been scouring the internet for inspiring outfits, new fashion websites and also fabulous recipes to have a go at. This has all come at a time when fashion month has been in full swing, so the inspiration has been endless. Here are 5 of my favourite looks right now. Have a great Friday Ladies and hopefully i'll be back with outfit posts tomorrow.

 photo 2a01ab02-53e6-4a44-a678-0ad476818845_zpsb872894c.jpg

 photo b289c0b5-66ff-45b9-8381-997e89acc346_zps2277b8dd.jpg
{Pink Coat}

 photo a872cfd1-ca6c-4b46-aafb-cb4318825fe8_zpse106b5ad.jpg
{Cow Print}

 photo 9b705099-9fa2-4be7-8356-c0b626fe0fd0_zps56af97c6.jpg
{Head to toe Grey}
All Image Via Pinterest

Hugs & Kisses

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Veronica Vannini said...

I love these looks!
Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

Serena said...

I LOVE oversized coat!
I'm on the hunt for one at the moment!


Emma said...

i love all these looks!

Sana Tariq said...

I really like this look its gorgeous !!! Fashion and men in today’s world, In the gone by days fashion was considered to be a thing made for women but today's fashion sees no gender and no age.

Petra Weimann said...

Very cool Looks! Thank you for the Inspiration!
Follow me!

Maggie Adofo said...

I'm starting to see a lot of grey and I quite like it a lot. :)

Maggie A
Love Mavin