11 October 2013

The first steps in becoming a model

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Have you always had an interest in modelling and want to find out if it's for you? Here at UK Models we can help you establish whether the modelling industry is right for you and tell you how to become a model.

When you register with us, the UK Models team, who have over twelve years of experience in the industry, will get back to you and give you honest feedback as to whether we think you have the potential to make it in the modelling world. UK Models is a model support service, which means we guide models and advise them on which modelling route to take and on the best way to approach agencies.

If we feel you have the chance to make it in the industry, then you will be invited to a photo shoot in Central London. Taken in one of our top of the range studios, the photo shoot is an excellent opportunity to discover whether modelling is for you and to find out if you have the natural ability to pose in front of the camera. Our talented make up artists will give you a makeover and you will then pose for photographs taken by a top photographer, which gives you the chance to build a portfolio. Portfolios are highly important in the industry as they show off a model's look and versatility.

As well as the portfolio, UK Models can build you an eFolio. eFolios are the latest development in modelling. They are online portfolios, which showcase a model's work. Having an eFolio can be very beneficial as it is a great way to promote yourself and gain exposure. With an eFolio, you are able to market yourself globally so it is a very valuable tool. It also give your the opportunity to email from a personal email from your site's domain. UK Models can offer Z cards, another important part of modelling. They are the modelling world's version of business cards. These are very handy because unlike portfolios, they can be left with potential clients and agencies so are an easy way to advertise your work. Z cards contain about four -six images which show your scope as a model. If you decide to have a photo shoot with UK Models, as well as a portfolio, we will be able to create you a Z card and an eFolio, both to a professional standard.

Once you decide that modelling is for you and come down to one of our studios, we will support you for a whole year, offering you advice on approaching agencies, freelancing and tell you the ways in which you can network. We do this because we want you to succeed. We know how tough it can be to  get into modelling so we are willing to help you every step of the way.

If modelling is something you think you would love to do, then register with is us today and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

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Elegantesque said...

I wish I could be a model but I'm too small!

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Emmazing said...

In my dreams!!