23 October 2013

Time for Bed

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The bedroom should be the most relaxing room in the house. It should be the place where you come to gather your thoughts and where you feel comfortable. This applies to both adults and children, and the clever use of soft furnishings can improve any bedroom.

When many people move they often don’t have time to consider the aesthetic touches that can make such a difference to a property. Attention to detail can really affect a change and it’s often the bedding & soft furnishings that will transform a house into a home. 

In a contemporary minimalist de-cluttered house, often the only colour comes from these accessories. If you choose them wisely you’ll be able to stamp your individuality on your home without disturbing the whole d├ęcor.

As much as a crisp white Egyptian cotton duvet cover looks perfect in adult bedrooms, it’s not the ideal colour for a children’s room. There are some wonderful and brightly decorated covers for all younger members of the household on the market, including cupcake illustrated designs for any aspiring chiefs.

Whatever film or book character your child may be interested in, undoubtedly there will be a duvet cover to match their interests. It’s not just upmarket retailers that stock these items, many high street stores including, Homebase have extended their range and are well worth a visit.

Another way of way of brightening up a room, while still retaining a sense of style, is to add a throw to the bed, complimented by cushions. A throw can totally change the feel of a room therefore, if you become bored with your bedroom’s appearance you can just invest in another throw made from a different material and colour and you’ll have created a totally new image for your room. 

With the onset of winter, throws also perform a useful function. Not only do they make the room appear warmer but also they can actually add to your comfort, when in bed. 

Throws come in a variety of materials including, chenille or just simple cotton.

A rug can also make a huge difference to a room, not least because it provides some cover if you have a wooden floor. Some of the most popular rugs for kids include football motifs with the names of their favourite football clubs emblazoned all over them. 

Come to think of it, it’s not just under-21s who are passionate about football; in some households it is a family obsession. 

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